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Dreadhead Parkour will let you enter Dreadhead as a professional parkour athlete participating in an extremely dangerous obstacle course adventure. When participating in this game, you will experience extremely interesting free running feelings.

Overview of the Dreadhead Parkour game

Colorful scene of the game

The world in the Dreadhead Parkour game is a concrete playground filled with obstacles, requiring you to have quick reflexes and agile thinking to jump over dangerous gaps and avoid moving chainsaws. spinning and sharp spikes. Each challenging level that the game publisher offers will force you to readjust your parkour techniques and learn more ways to play to pass the levels as quickly as possible.

Design your own character

When playing, keep an eye on the coins scattered on the board or in special locations. These coins are like the currency you spend every day. Pick them up and accumulate over time so you can use them to unlock new outfits for Dreadhead and create new styles for Dreadhead for myself.

The challenges never end

The special thing about Dreadhead Parkour is that the difficulty increases. As you conquer levels, the challenges become more complex, requiring greater skill and mastery of parkour. Along with this level of difficulty, the game publishers will ensure that the game is always attractive, making you always want to hone your parkour skills to become a true parkour expert!

How to control the character

DreadHead Parkour will let you participate in rounds divided into many different levels of obstacle challenges to test your parkour skills. Using the same method as most other games like G-Switch 3, you will use the arrow keys to control Dreadhead to perform different movements such as running, jumping, somersaulting, climbing and sliding. Mastering this control is very important because it will help you complete the levels and reach the final destination of the game.