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Run 3 promises to bring you new gaming experiences that you have probably never seen or heard before. When participating in the game, you will play the role of a young alien who is exploring in a vast universe. Your task is also very simple, which is to overcome obstacles and go as far as possible. In the latest installment of this famous Run game series, you will experience the combination of the familiar endless running game and the game of overcoming exciting challenges.

A few interesting things about Run 3

How to play and the goal of the game

The goal when participating in Run 3 is extremely simple. That is, you must skillfully control your character to move in the air, avoid obstacles and be extremely careful otherwise you will fall into the void of space. The gameplay is also extremely simple. Use the arrow keys to jump up and down so the alien character can run along different walls. Additionally, the up arrow key will help you jump up and over gaps or obstacles. Please time and distance your jump to pass. And if you are a sophisticated person, you may realize that Run 3 has a gameplay extremely similar to the game Electron Dash. And if you are interested in this game, you can try it out

Two modes for you to choose from

Run 3 offers you two separate game modes to meet different playing needs. In exploration mode, you can explore the endless galaxy map, try to unlock new areas and meet other alien companions. If you are a player who loves challenges, Unlimited mode will bring you even more challenges. Your job in this mode is to collect energy cells scattered throughout the run to unlock more new characters and enhance your experience.

Tips and tricks for alien runners

Precise jump

The length of time you hold the jump button will determine how high and how your alien jumps. Observe the gaps you are about to face so you can decide whether you should make a long or short jump.

Practice diligently

Infinite mode will give you the perfect practice opportunity to hone your skills. Practice your wall running techniques, collect energy tiles and unlock new playable characters to enhance your running skills.

Don't be afraid to take on challenges

The longer you play the game, the more difficult it will become. Gradually the game will present you with challenges with larger gaps, more complex obstacles and more demanding jumps. So stay focused, adjust your playing style as best as possible and try to beat the highest score you've ever had every time you play!