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G-Switch 3 will take you into the role of an agile robot going through a series of winding mazes and overcoming many different dangerous obstacles to reach the finish line safely.

Challenge gravity with G-Switch 3

Unlike other traditional games where you can only run on a horizontal line, in G-Switch 3 you can change direction to run on walls, on the ground or even on the ceiling. This constant change in perspective requires quick thinking and precise control to avoid collisions with obstacles.

Choose your challenge

With the motto of targeting as many players as possible like Moto X3m, G-Switch 3 also has many game modes to serve many different types of players. In normal mode, you will be taken into an uncomplicated maze, but after playing for a while, the difficulty at these levels will gradually increase. As you progress, your movement speed will also increase, giving you another challenge to overcome. For those who want a never-ending challenge of reflexes, they can visit Endless mode. Here you will have to conquer an extremely complicated maze that never stops so you can rest and regain your strength.

The competitive spirit will always burn forever

One of the most appealing aspects of the G-Switch 3 is its multiplayer mode. In this mode you can test your skills against bot opponents or challenge your friends to a thrilling race through the anti-gravity maze. With the ability to manually adjust the number of players (from 2 to 8) and even change keyboard shortcuts for each player, G-Switch 3 becomes a place where you can meet up with friends to exchange ideas. Gaming skills you've never seen before.