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Introducing the rhythm adventure Geometry Dash Bit By Bit

Dangerous challenges

Geometry Dash Bit By Bit is a new version that has changed the gameplay of previously released Geometry Dash versions. This version will bring you unique experiences and take you into a very special geometric world but also contains countless dangers.

Conquer the levels

Unlike the Geometry Dash Invisible Deadlocked version, Geometry Dash Bit By Bit allows you to adjust the game speed to your liking. Game publishers will give you speed settings from the incredibly slow 0.25x to the lightning-fast 2x. These settings will help you master your game. But this special feature will ensure that new players will not be overwhelmed when they first start participating in the game. And it can also create new challenges for veteran players.

Neon graphics full of personality

Immerse yourself in a dazzling world bathed in bright neon lights as you begin your adventure in this game. Prepare to transform! Your cube character will transform and change as you start the game and begin your adventure, remember to avoid deadly dangers that are the obstacles you will encounter on the road. And when you have reached a certain distance, the speed will increase rapidly, the neon lights will become brighter and brighter, creating a mesmerizing scene, requiring you to have a certain concentration.

How to Control Geometry Dash Bit By Bit

Don't let the impressive features scare you! Geometry Dash Bit By Bit is designed to be played by everyone. Whether you're a rhythm game veteran or a curious newcomer, you can easily steer your Dasher through neon landscapes with just your mouse or a tap of the spacebar. Geometry Dash Bit By Bit welcomes players of all skill levels (and with customizable avatars!) to experience the thrill of challenge.