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Moto X3m gives you a powerful off-road motorbike and takes you on a challenging off-road racing journey. Your task is to control this motorbike to the finish line without encountering any danger or hitting any obstacles along the way.

Master the terrain racetrack

Unlike the usual traditional racing tracks that you know, Moto X3m will show you completely new racing tracks. Unpredictable landscapes like mounds, slopes and tight corners require you to control your monster vehicle extremely well to conquer them. In addition, you can experience the thrill of soaring through the air after rushing off the towering ramp. But remember that you must land safely for your jump to count.

Challenges around every turn

The terrain environment in Moto X3m is not at all similar to the environment in Flappy Bird. Because you will have to pay extremely close attention to obstacles that may suddenly appear, causing you to bump into them. There are spikes, tanks and challenges that will be used to test your vehicle control ability.

Difficulty gradually increases

Moto X3m has 22 levels, each level will bring you new gaming experiences. The more levels you pass, the difficulty will also increase. This will require an extremely high level of control over your vehicle. Although it gets more and more difficult, this is what players are attracted to and want to conquer the next levels.

Control your bike

It's very easy, use your arrow keys to control according to the game's suggested instructions when you first start participating in this adventurous game.