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The interesting thing about the game Geometry Dash Breeze

Geometry Dash Breeze is the sequel to the Geometry Dash series. Participating in this game, you will be taken on a strange adventure with three unique levels. Each level will have different scenes and each part will have a special gameplay that is not the same as any other part.

The levels are enchanting

Over The Clouds

Start your journey with the first level in a strange land inspired by Geometry Dash Meltdown. In this world, you will see fluffy clouds, bright walls and even a strange yellow bird. Do all these scenes remind you of a fairy tale? But don't forget your main mission. You will have to skillfully control your geometric character to avoid obstacles and collect three mysterious coins along the way. The coins will be arranged to appear at positions at 19%, 40% and finally 94%. Although this level is not difficult, it will be considered an introduction to the content and gameplay of Geometry Dash Breeze version.

Into The Zone

After you pass the first level of the game. You will be rotated through another level called Into The Zone. In this level, obstacles will appear more densely and challenges will also become more difficult than in the first level. Therefore, you will have to be extremely focused and have extremely quick reflexes to be able to overcome obstacles and continue to collect all three coins placed in extremely dangerous locations along your path. move to the destination. And just like in the first level, the coins in this level are also mysteriously arranged to appear in positions when you have gone 23%, 37% and 67%.

Ghost ship

This is probably the last level and also the most difficult level in this part of Geometry Dash Breeze. In this Ghost Ship level, the scene will be completely deserted, forcing you to make extremely precise jumps and quick movements to avoid the hot lava flows below. foot. But don't forget your main task is to collect ancient coins. The coins in this level are placed in positions that you would never expect: the first coin is placed at 8% of the distance, the second coin is placed at 62% of the distance. , and the last coin is placed 98% of the way.

In addition to the standard levels, Geometry Dash Breeze has two other game modes to serve your different preferences: practice mode and normal mode. Being in practice mode will give you a safe space to hone your skills and experiment with different ways of playing. Normal mode, on the other hand, will challenge you to complete levels without any safety checkpoints.

How to control the cube

Geometry Dash Breeze has incredibly easy controls. With just one left click or press the spacebar, you can control your small cube to jump or fly. These easy controls let you focus on overcoming obstacles.

Will you conquer all the levels and collect all the hidden treasures in Geometry Dash Breeze? Get in the game and embark on your geometry adventure today!