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Where vibrant music combines dance moves

Geometry Dash Lite is a game with exciting music combined with dangerous challenges. Here, you will control a geometric square through a series of different difficulty levels. And ultimately your goal is to get the geometry to the destination without being hit by any sharp spikes.

Features that boost your running rhythm

Lively background music

One of the outstanding features of the Geometry Dash game series in general and the Geometry Dash Lite game in particular that cannot be ignored is the attractive music. Created specifically by the publishers for exciting music that does not match any other game currently on the gaming market. This lively music combined with jumping and moving gameplay will keep you captivated for hours without being able to stop.

Allows you to be creative

It's not just about conquering the game's levels. Geometry Dash Lite also offers you many different options, allowing you to be creative and equip colorful icons and unique trails for your character. Express your personality and conquer the game in an unprecedented style!

Customize your own levels

For those who wish to have an immersive experience with the game, game publishers will provide them with a level auto-editing feature. In this feature, you can design your own levels according to your own preferences. Try setting obstacles, design challenges and even choose your favorite music to create a very unique gaming experience. What's more, you can share these creations with the large global community of Geometry Dash players and explore other levels created by players.

How to become proficient at the game

If you are looking for a challenge to earn more stars, Geometry Dash Lite will also provide you with a variety of different challenges. These rounds will test your gaming skills and reward you with lucky stars to be able to accumulate and unlock the items you desire.

Simple controls but extremely challenging

Although Geometry Dash Lite has very simple controls like Geometry Dash Online or Geometry Dash Subzero, just a left click or pressing the spacebar will make your cube jump but don't be subjective about this. That simple. The real challenge lies in timing your jumps to overcome deadly obstacles. As you go further, the difficulty will increase, requiring you to have sharp reflexes and steadfast concentration. A missed tap or jump at the wrong time can send you back to your starting point