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What makes Geometry Dash Tartarus special?

Geometry Dash Tartarus is a challenging game for veteran gamers. This infamous version will take you into extremely difficult levels and you only have to use your reflexes and sense of rhythm to get through. Along with dangerous obstacles and vibrant background music, you will have to be extremely focused. Can you conquer Geometry Dash Tartarus the same way you conquered Geometry Dash Offline?

Attractive features

Exciting rhythm in the game

Combined with extremely exciting music, you will experience playing an obstacle overcoming game that brings a very special feeling. With this harmonious combination, you will have to predict the obstacles you are about to encounter based on the game's musical rhythm. This feature also gives you an extremely thrilling feeling.

Beautiful, eye-catching graphics

Vivid images in Tartarus will be extremely colorful. Sound elements combined with images will create an extremely vibrant world that will motivate you to overcome countless challenges so you can conquer each difficult level of the game.

Diverse game modes

Tartarus caters to players of all skill levels. Standard Normal Mode provides the most complete level experience, while Practice Mode allows newcomers to explore levels at their own pace without penalty. Challenge mode will have some limitations, such as completing levels without encountering obstacles or collecting all the coins, forcing seasoned players to hone your gaming skills.

Passionate community

Geometry Dash Tartarus is proud to have an extremely large community from all over the world. Not only that, you can also share experiences and even see breathtaking gameplay from other players around the world.