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Geometry Dash Invisible Deadlocked will create a breakthrough for the rhythm game genre. Because unlike other traditional rhythm games, the obstacles in this version are completely invisible! This forces you to rely on a combination of sharp reflexes, keen hearing, and sense of rhythm to get through dangerous levels.

Some information about Geometry Dash Invisible Deadlocked

Exciting rhythm

Invisible Deadlocked's vibrant music is not only attractive, but it is also one of the factors that help you win this game. If you are sophisticated, you will realize that the music in this game is designed to have a special connection with the obstacles along the way. By listening to the rhythm of each level, you can predict the obstacles that are about to appear and will be well prepared to control your cube to overcome unseen dangers.

Listen carefully

Sophistication will be the word mentioned most when people discuss this game. Unlike Geometry Dash Bloodbath, this game will have sudden changes in rhythm, sound effects or even pauses to signal obstacles appearing or disappearing. So you have to be extremely subtle to be able to detect these audio signals. That will bring you extremely important advantages that you never expected.

Expand horizons

Although the obstacles themselves are invisible, they may flicker at the edge of your view screen. Practice a lot to detect those obstacles and just take a quick glance to be able to detect and react to adjust your jump or height to avoid invisible dangers.

Some tips to win

Practice makes perfect

Conquering the invisible deadlock requires dedication. Practice regularly to improve your ability to sense rhythm, identify repeating patterns, and improve your ability to use subtle visual and audio cues.

Practice a lot

Don't be afraid to play Practice Mode. This allows you to experience different levels without the pressure of having to start over every time you make a mistake by crashing into obstacles. In addition, you should use this mode to memorize the layout of each stage, experiment with different ways of playing to have a certain confidence before using Normal Mode.

Learn from the masters

The community of Geometry Dash game lovers can grow thanks to sharing clips of playing other game versions like Geometry Dash Tartarus on platforms like Youtube or Twitch. You can watch those clips and learn their moves so you can beat other versions of this rhythm game.

How to control the cube

It's very simple. You just need to use the left mouse button or the spacebar to control your cute cube to overcome obstacles and reach the finish line.