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Journey through nightmares

Geometry Dash Nightmare takes players into a beautiful but dangerous world. Your task in this game is to control our character through a maze filled with sharp gears and spikes. On the way you will encounter pads placed in different positions. Take advantage of these pads to overcome dangerous obstacles. Your character will be transformed depending on the initial time, it can be a cube or a flying ship or a circle with many spikes.

Dangerous roads must be overcome

Introductory phase (0-20%)

Geometry Dash Nightmare will help you blend in with the introduction relatively easily. You can be a circle of spikes bouncing through a specially designed track. But the obstacles in this part are extremely few and sparse. Take advantage of this opportunity and feel the rhythm and speed of the game to easily overcome the challenges that await you. front.

Gradually difficult stage (21-33%)

When you have gone quite a distance, the game challenge for you will now begin. Obstacles such as spikes, gears and other blocks will appear more often to block your way. This will force you to have quick reflexes so your character can avoid obstacles. Although it is gradually difficult, be careful not to lose your composure and concentration. Because if you lack composure and concentration, you will immediately collide with obstacles.

Short relaxation distance (34-45%)

With this distance, you can relax yourself and relax a bit. The process of converting the character from spike circle to cube continues but the difficulty will be slightly reduced. You can take advantage of this time to readjust your spirit and ability to control your character before entering the more difficult stages.

Multi-color kingdom (46-70%)

At this stage, you will witness extremely vivid images and your cube will be transformed into the image of an airplane weaving through extremely intricately designed routes. . This road has extremely zigzag paths that will create extremely exciting gaming moments for you. In addition, the colors are also extremely scary, making this road like a maze filled with enchantment that will make you fall into trouble at any time.

Final dangerous stage (71-100%)

The final stretch will launch a series of alternating shapes spiked balls, cubes and ships. Although the overall difficulty may not increase, this section will provide a great opportunity to perfect your skills and prepare for other even more difficult Geometry Dash levels in the future. What's interesting is that the signature wave mode found entirely in Nightmare will provide a unique experience compared to other Geometry Dash levels such as Geometry Dash Breeze or Geometry Dash Lite.

The game is for those who love thrills

Geometry Dash Nightmare combines captivating visuals with thrilling challenge based on fun rhythms. In addition, the curved sections will be carefully crafted to ensure a very enjoyable experience no matter what level you are at. So, are you ready to embark on this visually challenging and increasingly challenging journey through Geometry Dash Nightmare?